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About us

ANDSON BIOLOGICAL TECH.CO.,LTDis a worldwide leader since 2010 in the distribution of Research Chemicalsas well as an international research chemicals manufacturing company. 

We work along side a highly professional laboratory mainly creating custom synthesis, research, and pharmaceutical chemicals.

At this time, we have warehouses in Hong Kong, China, and EU from where all products

are dispatched. 

Our highly developed distribution net work guarantees that all products you receive will be on time and will be sent to the most convenient locations for pickup. We also provide various shipping services that deliver products to our clients in various markets and in many different locations around the globe.All products found on this website are sold for the sole purpose of research and education. None of our products is sold for human or animal consumption or for any type of illegal usage.

Our location

we have warehouses and production facility in EU, China and Hong Kong.

How to contact us?

WeANDSON BIOLOGICAL TECH.CO.,LTDhave been serving our customers for over three years and are recognized as experts in the industry. We are here to provide you with the most efficient and high quality services and products to ensure your success. Contact us by:



We are proud of our large inventory. We are a leader in the industry and not

 a follower. We create research compounds that are considered to be unique

 thus the reason we are achieving differentiation. If you need any help with

 your order, you can contact your personal assistant or our sales managers.

 We are happy to provide you with the help you need to ensure you purchase

 the products you require.


Our Delivery Guarantee

We guarantee FRS shipping standards to be fast, reliable and safe delivered 

directly to your door. For more information, please check guaranteed delivery


Shipment Information

ANDSON BIOLOGICAL TECH.CO.,LTDoffers worldwide shipping. All

 orders are dispatched within 24 to 48 hours after payment is received. 

You will receive a tracking number via email as soon as your order is s

hipped. This allows you to track your package. You can use your tracking

 number on our website as well as on your local express courier. All of 

the packages are shipped in discrete and safe containers.

Is a tracking number available for my order?

Yes, after receiving payment for your order you will receive a tracking

 number via email within 24-48 working hours.


Free samples

ANDSON BIOLOGICAL TECH.CO.,LTDcan provide free samples 

for some products.

Bulk wholesale orders delivery

We do offer special guaranteed expedited delivery in the case of bulk

 wholesale orders for specific countries. If your company plans to 

make wholesale orders, please contact us for more information.


Payment methods

ANDSON BIOLOGICAL TECH.CO.,LTDoffers various payment

 methods, which include:

1.Western union


3.Bitcoin (


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